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Increase client engagement with insightful performance reports. 

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As a RIA using Folio Institutional who appreciates the platform’s features but find it doesn’t provide adequate client facing analytics, FI Analytics provides the custom performance dashboards and meaningful data to empower advisors and their clients.

This simple client facing web service updates daily and provides clients with a simple report that’s easy to understand and built for any advisory firm.

FI Analytics visualization software helps solve many of the issues we as advisors run into using Folio Institutional specifically householding and account aggregation.  Here is a short list of features.

Client Dashboards (View Screenshots)

Personalized, graphically rich interactive client experience highlighting:
  • Household Account Values
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Recent Transactions
  • Current Allocation
  • Track Dividend and Interest Income
  • Track Cash Flow

Advisor Dashboards (View Screenshots)

Manage the vital signs of your advisory business by analyzing:
  • Total Book Assets
  • Position Aggregation
  • Total Asset Performance
  • Aggregate Dividends and Interest
  • Aggregate Cash Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Model Folio Allocations
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February 1st, 2016|

Custom Email Investment Summary Reports

Personalized Email Communications for Your Clients

Just a few years ago your mailbox provided you paper statements as a regimented reminder that kept you up-to-date on how your investment account was performing. It’s now the standard that clients receive their statements electronically.  This new normal of electronic document delivery makes sense because it’s cost-effective and available to you anytime to review. However, this creates a new problem as it’s the client’s responsibility to login and view the documents on their own.  

FI Analytics’ development of automatic household investment summaries directly to email inboxes reintroduces client engagement that was otherwise being lost due to passive statement reminder notifications.

Scalable Solution

  • Create highly customized investment summary email templates with real data.
  • Schedule monthly, quarterly or on-demand investment performance summary reports with over 20 available variables.
  • Create and customize your very own branded email template using our full HTML editor.

Stay Compliant

  • Comply with books and records requirements. Have a copy of every email sent to your inbox or a specific compliance account.
  • Add all necessary discloses to templates.

FI Analytics Email Flow

July 18th, 2016|

Welcome Email Template: Easy Client On-Boarding

Your clients time is valuable so it’s critical the FI Analytics platform on-boarding process is easy and effortless. Client will use this email to set their own password and know how to access your firms performance reporting site in the future. As an advisor you understand that regular communication is key to long-term client retention. All email features we create are designed to increase client involvement and your brands value. Welcome Template FI Analytics

Incorporate your company logo and branding scheme using our full html text editor.

Personalize each message with available mail merge variables:

  • Client User
  • Client Name
  • Password Rest Link

Keep your firm in compliance. Add all your firms necessary disclosure information to each email and automatically copy each email correspondent for archiving. Try FI Analytics today. Start Your Free Trial.

April 11th, 2016|

Quick Filter Features

Adding new features is exciting for us.  One of our main goals is to provide straightforward and useful analytics that is understood by anybody.  New filter options inside the income and cash transaction containers highlight how important dividends and interest are to a client’s total return while keeping track of withdrawals and deposits vital to financial planning.

Select from:

  • Year-to-Date (Jan 1 – Dec 31)
  • Year-over-Year (Last 365 Days)
  • All Dates

See it for yourself using our demo site. Try Demo

Coming soon a “With Fee” or “Without Fee” filter available to the Investment Performance container.

February 18th, 2016|

Advisor Nameplate Customization

A great feature of FI Analytics is the custom advisor nameplate. Built for multi or solo advisory firms, each user account can specify the advisor responsible for the relationship. Remain front and center in your client’s mind each time they log in to view their account.

February 9th, 2016|