Personalized Email Communications for Your Clients

Just a few years ago your mailbox provided you paper statements as a regimented reminder that kept you up-to-date on how your investment account was performing. It’s now the standard that clients receive their statements electronically.  This new normal of electronic document delivery makes sense because it’s cost-effective and available to you anytime to review. However, this creates a new problem as it’s the client’s responsibility to login and view the documents on their own.  

FI Analytics’ development of automatic household investment summaries directly to email inboxes reintroduces client engagement that was otherwise being lost due to passive statement reminder notifications.

Scalable Solution

  • Create highly customized investment summary email templates with real data.
  • Schedule monthly, quarterly or on-demand investment performance summary reports with over 20 available variables.
  • Create and customize your very own branded email template using our full HTML editor.

Stay Compliant

  • Comply with books and records requirements. Have a copy of every email sent to your inbox or a specific compliance account.
  • Add all necessary discloses to templates.

FI Analytics Email Flow

Choose from the available variables to display.

Client Reference Variables

  • User Login
  • Client Name
  • Custom Note Field
  • As of Date

Current and Historical Value Metrics

  • Current account value ($)
  •  One month historical value ($)
  • Three month historical value ($)
  • Six month historical value ($)
  • YTD historical value ($)
  • One year historical value ($)

Portfolio Performance Metrics

  • One month performance (%)
  • Three month performance (%)
  • Six month performance (%)
  • YTD performance (%)
  • One year performance (%)
  • Quarterly dividends paid