Personalized Email Communications

Create highly customized investment summary email templates with real data.

Schedule monthly, quarterly or on-demand investment performance summary reports with your choice of over 20 available variables.

Create and customize your very own branded email template using our full HTML editor. 

FI Analytics Email Flow

You Choose the Variables to Display

Client Reference Variables

  • User Login

  • Client Name

  • Custom Note Field

  • As of Date

Current and Historical Value Metrics

  • Current account value ($)

  • One month historical value ($)

  • Three month historical value ($)

  • Six month historical value ($)

  • YTD historical value ($)

  • One year historical value ($)

Portfolio Performance Metrics

  • One month performance (%)

  • Three month performance (%)

  • Six month performance (%)

  • YTD performance (%)

  • One year performance (%)

  • Quarterly Dividends Paid

Stay Compliant 

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Comply with books and records requirements. Have a copy of every email sent to your inbox or a specific compliance account.

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