The Priority


At FI Analytics, we have no higher priority than the security of our clients’ information. We and our partners meet or exceed industry standards for data security while emphasizing a simple, easy-to-use service.

Work with trusted partners

We work with Linode for fast cloud computing and data storage that meets PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to keep client data secure.

Use the strongest network and hardware security

All interactions with FI Analytics run over secure HTTP with transport layer security (TLS, formerly SSL) protecting any communications from being intercepted. We authenticate our primary and sub domains with GeoTrust CA, a global leader in internet security.

Protection at all stages

Although our servers are highly secure we never store your financial institutions’ usernames and passwords in any database. Private Information must be secured against disclosure, modification, and access by unauthorized individuals. It must be:

  • Secured at rest.
  • Secured in transit.
  • Securely destroyed in accordance with record retention policies and procedures.

Store only what you need

The FI Analytics platform is a read-only environment and not connected to any live accounts.  We’ve built our infrastructure to collect and store only the information we need to help you understand your portfolio. We intentionally do not collect sensitive data such as social security numbers, birth dates or addresses, and never store your financial institutions’ usernames and passwords on our servers.

Great security requires a great user experience

We’ll tell you if your password is easy to break so that you can make a better one, but we don’t require arbitrary rules that make it hard to remember.