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Frequently Asked Questions


When you sign up for your trial of FI Analytics we will create your own custom site and establish a link with Folio Institutional. In your trial, you’ll get full access. At any point during the trial you want to become a full customer email or click here.
Nope. We will only need payment information after the trial period.
Access to the site will be restricted at the end of the trial period. We will maintain customers data for an additional 60 days in case you change your mind. After that it will be removed from our servers.


Just sign up for a trial and let us know your ready to become a paid customer via email.   We will send you a link to pay by credit card online.
Not at this time but we plan to offer it in the furture.
AUM is calculated based on the customer’s total assets held at Folio Institutional only.


YES! We do not not share any customer or client information with any third party.
Sorry, but this service only works with Folio Institutional.
Each advisory firm receives their own specific URL.